Secret Apple launch planned

Cupertino plotting new kit to celebrate 10th anniversary of first Apple store?

Details of mysterious plans slip out, but what have Jobs and co got planned?

Apple is set to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its first retail store with what could be a major product launch. That's according to BGR, which has got hold of a series of secretive plans which Apple stores are set to enact this coming weekend.

Word is that an overnight shift from Saturday into Sunday has been planned, with managers and Genius Bar staff expected to clock on. What's more, workers have been told to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Apple, with phones being locked away to stop any leaks.

Apparently, Apple stores have already received the new kit, which will be hidden behind black curtains until Sunday 22 May. Staffers have had to download a protected file called “training” which won't work until Saturday afternoon.

There's no news on just what this product could be. A specially-designed iPad? The iPhone 5? Cupertino is certainly doing a good job of keeping everyone guessing? What has Apple got planned? Tell us what you think on our Facebook and Twitter pages.