Save up to £240 on your Christmas shopping with this BRILLIANT Amazon WaterRower deal

Get fit in 2020 with this amazing WaterRower deal on Amazon

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In January, hordes of people will flock all commercial gyms just to be horrified by the sheer amount of people in there, same as them, trying to live up to their new year's resolutions. If you are clever enough, though, you can fulfil that resolution for cheaper than usual, at home, in an efficient way: by investing in a WaterRower, which is now discounted at Amazon, for a limited time only.

• Save 20% (up to £240) on selected WaterRower rowing machine models on Amazon – deal ends at midnight 9 December 2019!

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WaterRower Indoor Rowing Machine | Sale price from £799.20 | You save up to £239.80 (20%) on Amazon
Designed as a natural rowing simulator, the patented WaterFlywheel utilises the same physical elements (water) and the physical dynamics (fluid drag) that occur when a boat moves through water, using up to 84% of your total muscle mass in every stroke and giving you the calming feel of a boat gliding down the river. Offer ends midnight 9 December 2019!View Deal

Should you buy the WaterRower indoor rowing machine

We loved the Waterrower and we are sure you will, too. It's quiet, provides a great full-body workout, and just a joy to look at, really. There are three models that are included in the discounter range: the Walnut Wood model (RRP £1199, now £959.20), the Cherry Wood model (RRP £1099, now £879.20) and the Ash Wood model (RRP £999, now £799.20).

The WaterRower would make a great Christmas present to either yourself or a special person in your life. It is not a stocking-filler, cheap and cheerful gift but more of a meaningful, substantial offering to anyone thinking about really making a difference to their overall well-being in 2020.

• Save 20% (up to £240) on selected WaterRower rowing machine models on Amazon – deal ends at midnight 9 December 2019!

For added peace of mind, each WaterRower comes with a 5-year frame and a 3-year parts commercial warranty. On top of this, WaterRowers don't require any external power source AND are low-maintenance, so once you filled the tank up with water, all you have to do is row away!