Save big on Nest Mini, Nest Audio and more in Google's Black Friday sales

Save up to £100 on all Google Assistant smart speakers at Google's store

Google Nest Audio Black Friday deals
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The best Black Friday deals are in full swing now, begun and you can save up to £100 on Google Assistant smart speakers at the Google Store now.. There’s £20 off the Nest Hub, £50 off the Nest Hub Max, £20 off the Nest Audio speaker, £25 off the Nest Mini and a whopping £100 off the powerful and punchy Google Home Max smart speaker

If you’ve been thinking about getting into smart home tech or expanding what you’ve got already, Black Friday is a great time to do it: some of these deals are over 50% off the usual retail price, so you can save a small fortune if you’re buying multiple Google devices.

Google’s Nest Hub is a brilliant home hub: in addition to controlling everything in your smart home and enabling you to call and video call family and friends, it can show your schedule, give you the key news and weather information you need and even stream Netflix so you can catch up while you cook. As you’d expect from the name, the Nest Hub Max is the even bigger version and sounds as good as it looks: it’s our favourite smart speaker.

At the other end of the scale there’s the titchy Nest Mini smart speaker with over 50% off. This generation of Mini is much punchier than its predecessor, delivering surprisingly good sound from its tiny casing. It boasts improved voice recognition, which makes Google Assistant even better.

If you need more music power the Nest Audio is excellent: it’s 75% louder than the original Google Home with 50% stronger bass. It’s much clearer for spoken audio too.

Last but not least there’s the Google Home Max, which is by far the loudest thing here thanks to its dual 4.5-inch woofers, custom tweeters and rigid housing. It automatically adjusts its equaliser to match the acoustics of your room, and at full price it got a coveted 5-star T3 review: with £100 off, it’s a brilliant buy.


Nest Mini | Was £49 | Now £24 | Save £25 at Google
Google's smallest smart speaker is a great addition to any home – it's got the full capabilities of Google Assistant, but is smaller and with a more basic speaker. It comes in a range of colours, and is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, office or… anywhere really.


Nest Audio | Was £89.99 | Now £69.99 | Save £20 at Google
Google's new mid-size smart speaker offers better audio quality than the original Google Home thanks to a dual-driver system, and is still a top-notch Google Assistant device. The new tall and slim design with fabric covering looks great, too.


Google Home Max | Was £299 | Now £199 | Save £100 at Google 
The biggest of the Google Assistant speakers is geared for impressive audio quality – this is the one to choose for music lovers. Bear in mind that it's damn big and damn loud, though.


Google Nest Hub | Was £79.99 | Now £59.99 | Save £20 at Google
This is the smaller of Google's two smart displays, bringing not just voice-based Google Assistant powers, but also using its display to show useful related information. It can also play videos from a number of sources, including YouTube – great for the kitchen!


Nest Hub Max | Was £219 | Now £169 | Save £50 at Google 
The ultimate smart speaker and display! It has a bigger screen than the regular Nest Hub, so is even better for videos in particular. It also has a built-in camera for video calls – great for keeping in touch over lockdown. And it has powerful speakers built in, so it's pretty good for music, too.

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