Save 40% on the new Echo Dot in Amazon's Black Friday deals – and get a Philips Hue bulb for £2!

Get a deep discount on a Dot and a brand new Hue for £2 in this excellent smart home deal from Amazon

Echo Dot on shelf with sign saying Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Amazon)

The best Black Friday deals always include Amazon devices and some of the best deals are often bundles. That's the case here: you can get the latest generation Echo Dot with 40% off (opens in new tab), making it just £28.99!

We really like the 4th generation Echo Dot. In our Echo Dot (4th gen) review we praised the new, more modern design and the significantly improved audio. "As far as budget smart speakers go," we said, "they're difficult to beat."

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Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen): was £49.99, now £28.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save 42% on the latest Echo Dot, which features a funky spherical design. As with all Echo Dot devices, you're getting an Alexa smart speaker in a compact design that's perfect for desks, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and anywhere you want an easy way to command Alexa or play music.

But there's a second offer here that's well worth looking into – you can get a Philips Hue bulb added on with your Philips Hue for just £2!

Echo devices are much more than speakers. We use ours to turn off the TV, to help the kids with their homework, to control our very many Philips Hue lights and even to turn the Christmas tree on and off. If you've been thinking about making your home smarter but weren't sure where to start, this is an excellent and affordable first step.

Early Hue bulbs required a starter kit with a Hue Bridge, but the latest generation models work via Bluetooth too – so you don't need any additional Hue hardware to control this bulb with your new Echo Dot. Although if you fancy going big on Hue, we've got the best Black Friday Hue starter kit deals for you right here.

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Echo Dot (4th generation) + Philips Hue B22 White Smart Bulb: was £67.98 now £30.99 at Amazon UK (opens in new tab)
The latest Hue bulbs don't need a Hue Bridge and you can control them with Alexa. This bundle enables you to do that for a fraction of the usual price by giving you not just the latest and greatest Echo Dot but a B22 Hue bulb too. Some colours of Echo Dot are currently out of stock but you can order at this price and get delivery in December.

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