Samsung Galaxy S9 screen details leak. You might not be happy

That fabled fingerprint sensor behind the glass appears behind schedule too

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 may still be a while off becoming a reality but already rumours are appearing about its screen. The Infinity Display of the Galaxy S8 will likely return but may not be as improved as we’d hoped.

A leaked document, found on China’s Weibo, shows off what is apparently the new Samsung Galaxy S9. Despite rumours that the company would do away with even more bezel by ditching the top and bottom sections, they still appear to feature. 

What is new on the leaked document is the single lens camera housed with the fingerprint sensor underneath it while the flash and heart rate sensor have been moved to the side. 

While that could suggest an easier access fingerprint sensor it does hint that Samsung hasn’t cracked the fingerprint sensor under the screen. This could be why the bezels remain and unfortunately could mean the fabled fingerprint sensor under the screen may not arrive on the Galaxy S9.

All that said, leakster Evan Blass recently claimed the S9+ will feature an enhanced dual lens camera where the S8 has a single lens setup. Bearing that in mind the leaked document showing the single camera and fingerprint sensor may only be showing the lower end model. 

The Galaxy S9+ could not only have an enhanced camera but may also have that elusive fingerprint sensor under the screen. We can but hope - and wait.