Samsung Galaxy S9 price will be £739, according to industry source

That's £50 cheaper than the last leak claimed

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At launch, the Samsung Galaxy S9 UK price will be £739. That's according to an industry insider speaking to our colleagues at TechRadar, who broke the story, and that's £50 cheaper than a previous leak suggested. 

In the US, that new S9 price would work out at $1040, if you do a straight pound-to-dollar conversion.

We already had an idea that the S9 would go on sale at a higher price than the S8 did: an earlier tip received by TechRadar said we should expect to pay £100 more than we would have paid for the Galaxy S8 when it launched a year ago. That would have pinned the S9 at £789 (about $1100).

But now it looks as though the price increase may not be so steep. "A £100 price hike from the S8 is no longer on the cards and it's looking much more like a £50 increase instead," TechRadar's source said.

TechRadar went on to point out that this leak came from "someone we trust in the UK mobile industry who would certainly be in a position to know this information."

We'll find out for certain whether the price is correct in less than two weeks. The new handset is set to be officially unveiled on Sunday, February 25, 2018, where we'll no doubt get a confirmation of the price as well as the phone's capabilities, many of which have already been revealed in a series of leaks

In the meantime, why not check out the video below that Samsung just released to promote its new phone? If this is footage that's been shot on the S9, we're impressed.

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