Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch: Live blog

Ahead of tonight's Samsung Galaxy S3 unveiling we prepare for the handset's release

Follow all the happenings from Samsung's 'next Galaxy' Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event and keep up to date on specs, release dates and prices

Update: Check out our hands-on Samsung Galaxy S3 review

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Join us later tonight when we will be bringing you a full Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event live blog to quench your Android loving needs and keep you up-to-date on all the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S2 follow-on.

Reporting live from the Korean tech giant's London based 'next Galaxy' event we will bringing you all the latest on the new iPhone 4S rival as we keep you in the know on the Samsung Galaxy S3, a handset rumoured to be heading for release with a quad-core processor, 12-megapixel camera and a HD display in tow.

For all the latest on the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date as well as the handset's full specs, price and a bevy of Samsung Galaxy S3 pictures bookmark this page or head back from 7pm of May 3rd for the complete on-location S3 launch live blog.

Before we start here's our fully comprehensive Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour roundup. Ready? Let's get this show on the road.

20:01: Everyone's legged it to get their hands on the device. Be sure to check the homepage for all of the official details from the S3 launch. We'll have hands-on words, pictures and videos online as soon as possible.

20:00: It's the Samsung Galaxy S3 Pin. It's how many will experience the Galaxy S3 for the first time.

19:59: Oooooh, ONE MORE THING!

19:58: The lovely Suzi is back on stage to round things up. What a fine job she's doing.

19:56: "Samsung Galaxy S3 is our champion, our gold medal winner."

19:55: "The date to put in your diary is May 29th," when it goes on sale in Europe. Ten city world tour will take the event global.

19:54: Full range of audio and video codecs so you can play just about any file. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB with a standard microSD slot for expansion.

19:52: "Let's talk about Enterprise Mobile Solutions and Security..." The S3 will have stronger security to allow employees to use their own phones.

19:50: Now Loesje De Vreise is talking through Music, Movies and Gaming hubs and other services. The music hub will boast 17-million songs and also an iTunes Match-like scanning feature. There's S Health too, which is a "wellness companion"

19:49: Now we're onto accessories. Flip covers and docking station for office and cars. There's wireless charging kit, extra battery kits, HMDI adaptor and smart dock. There's also an S-Pebble MP3 player companion.

19:48: Samsung taking a leaf out of Apple's book here, but showing us the first Galaxy S3 commercial. It's a tear-jerker.

19:47: Bluetooth 4.0 speeds up transfers, while Wi-Fi bonding can double the download speeds

19:46: Wireless charger uses resonance technology. Samsung first to develop it for mobile phones. In call voices will be louder and clearer.

19:45: Super HD AMOLED brings an "incredible 4.80-inch" screen-size. The bezel has been narrowed so the screen is 22 per cent larger, unit itself is "not that much bigger" No specifics there though

19:43: Face Zoom allows you zoom in faces does what you think. Face Slideshow does the same within the gallery. You can also take HD video with the front-facing camera. Backside illumination sensor for low-light photography.

19:42: Now onto the camera. Samsung has "raised the bar" again. There's zero shutter lag, which gets back to camera mode in one second, you can take 20 images in burst shot mode, 3.3 shots per second and includes Best Photo will select the best picture out of a burst of 8

19:41: Pop-up Play allows you to position videos wherever you like on the screen, continue watching while still browsing the web, she says.

19:40: Loesje De Vreise is back on stage, talking about the nature-inspired hardware design, user interface and alterts. The company will donate $100 to WWF for every attendee at the various launch events. Vince McMahon will appreciate that.

19:38: @T3dotcom on Twitter: "S Voice to take on Siri. But will it tell us a story or where to hide a body? We'll be testing when we get our hand on one"

19:35: AllShare Play lets us work together through the magic of the internet. Allows you to stream media from your home computer. GroupCast will let you share what you're viewing on other S3 devices. There'll also be an AllShare API for third-party developers to get involved.

19:34: Buddy Photo Share lets you share photos instantly with those sitting within the images. Galaxy S3 will recognise friends faces and offer to send them the photo right away by MMS and email. On stage demonstration words a treat. A very neat innovation, indeed.

19:32: You can bond instantly with other Galaxy users. Google Beam from ther Nexus S is now S-Bond, which combines NFC and Wi-Fi direct. Easy file transfer. "Fatest, easiest way to share content with friends." AllShareCast mirrors screen of the S3 onto a TV. There's an AirPlay alternative right there.

19:30: Social tag recognises the faces of your friends in your photographs and will allow you to gravitate to their social profiles. Another example of this being "designed for humans. It has us covered and knows what we want. Only phone that knows how we share and interact with our friends.

19:29: Smart Alert acts like a personal assistant. You won't miss calls anymore. When you pick up the phone, it will buzz to notify you of missed calls and new texts. "You can never be caught off-guard."

19:28: Direct call is another new feature. It uses motion recognition and a proximity sensor to realise you want to make a call to the person you're texting with.

19:26: You can also launch apps with S voice. Tell he device "I want to take a picture" and it will automatically launch the camera. This gets a round of applause. "It works so well because it understands our language." It speaks 8 languages

19:24: The Siri-clone is called S voice. A friend who listens to you. Gives you the weather and organises your schedule. It rests waiting for you to strike up a conversation. To get it to wake up you can say "Hi Galaxy" and it'll then wait for your next move.

19:22: SmartStay keeps your screen alive when you're looking at the screen. "It sees us with its front-facing camera and knows whether we are looking or not. Keeps the screen awake for us when we are awake and sleeps only when we sleep. It knows exactly what we're doing."

19:21: We're about to see "what makes this phone really great." Another video presentation explains that "it looks deep into your eyes and closes only when you to." The demo shows a lady with a lovely voice asking the device to "Wake up" look up the "Weather in London" and "Play music" Seems like Samsung has launched its own version of Siri.

19:20: You can check out the complete Samsung Galaxy S3 spec list on now

19:19: Jean-Daniel Ayme Loesje De Vreise from Samsung are now on stage to "unpack' the device

19:18: T3's Deputy Editor Matt Hill on Twitter: "Samsung's Galaxy S3 arrives and instantly makes HTC's rather enormous One X look piddly. Hope someone's making trousers with bigger pockets."

19:17: Shin whips a white S3 out of his pocket. "The moment the world has been waiting for."

19:17: 145 countries 296 mobile operators at launch. Launch at the end of May. 4G version coming in the summer

19:16: Phone listens to you and understands what you want. Screen recognises your eye movement, it recognises your voice and will act upon your intention to turn a song up or down. It's a human phone that understands you.

19:15: Design inspired by nature... by peddles and leaves

19:13: Video viewing will come on a 4.8-inch screen. That's a whopper. It's got an 8-megapixel camera with "Best shot" "Best Photo" and move. 2,10mAh battery. 8.6mm thick and 133g weight.

19:12: "The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best performing startphone in its class." So that's the name, confirmed.

19:11: JK Shin, Samsung IT Commuication Division President is on stage to tell us about how "Samsung will once again redefine the smartphone."

19:10: "That's what today is all about. The next big thing. The next Samsung Galaxy. It's not just what smarthphones do, it's how they do it. Needs to be more sophisticated"

19:09: Suzi's sassy suit, certainly beats Steve Jobs' turtlenecks. "This is the biggest launch event off the year," she says.

19:08: Suzi Perry from the Gaget Show is emceeing the event. Wit-woo!

19:07: "People want technology that cares about them. Effortless. It sees what you see, listens to what you say, knows what you love. It is designed for humans," says the video presentation.

19:06: There's a live orchestra here by the way. Neat.

19:05: We're starting things up with a neat video presentation, focusing on what users want to see. One said "larger screen and extended battery life." I think they're a given. Another said better voice recognition.

19:01: "Ladies and gentlemen, please make your way into the auditorium. The show is about to begin."

18:59: The crowd is seated at Earl's Court in London and we're about ready to get going here.

18:52: Be sure to stay tuned to following the launch event, we'll be straight off to get hands-on time with the device. Written reports and videos will follow.

18:50: Just ten minutes to go. Is everyone sitting confortably?

18:41: Anyone down at Phones 4U in London? How's the grub? Let us know @t3dotcom

18:35: This is the first time we've experienced this much excitement for a non-Apple event. By delaying the S3 for a couple of months after MWC, Samsung has created some serious, serious anticipation for this handset.

18:30: Half an hour to go. Here's what you want, what you really, really want. Will Samsung fans get their quad-core wish?

18:25: Editor Kieran Alger has made it down to the launch in London. He tweets: "Just arrived inside at the #SamsungUnpacked launch. Pimms and canopes first. Business later."

18:20: Usually at this time in the Live blog cycle we're poking fun at Apple and the impending hysteria that inevitably follows an iPad or iPhone launch. We don't really have any Samsung gags. (Other than the Phones 4U tea and biscuits soiree and all the excessive Next Galaxy cobblers)

18:11: If you happen to be in London you can transport yourself to The Next Galaxy by visiting the Phones 4U in Oxford Street, where you can watch the launch live with free food and drink. Yes, we said FREE food and drink.

18:08: Less than an hour to go before Samsung lifts shows us a path to The New Galaxy, lets us explore said New Galaxy and prod and play with The New Galaxy. We're sure there'll be plenty more space-related hyperbole in the new couple of hours, so buckle-up and prepare for launch.

Having officially confirmed the existence of the Samsung Galaxy S3 when questioned in a recent profits call Korean tech giant Samsung has yet to give the Galaxy S II follow-on its first official outing.

According to Eldar Murtazin, Editor in Chief of Mobile-review Samsung Galaxy S3 production has already begun and will feature the same ceramic technology that has been used on recent HTC handsets.

Although Samsung has remained somewhat cagey about outing key details of its next-generation flagship Android handset the device has made a number of premature appearances with much rumour and speculation surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3 arrival.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date

Long expected to make its first official appearance as the star of MWC 2012 Samsung has now confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date will be pushed back until after the Barcelona based show with the handset to be show off closer to the final Samsung Galaxy S3 UK release date.

“Samsung is looking forward to introducing and demonstrating exciting new mobile products at Mobile World Congress 2012,” an official Samsung spokesperson said. “The successor to the GALAXY S II smartphone will be unveiled at a separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.”

Although yet to officially confirm when the handset will be made available in store to consumers and wannabe owners, the Korean tech behemoth has issues press invites to the handset's official unveiling with the eagerly awaited handset to make its first public appearance in London on May 3rd.

Whilst the official unveiling is still a few days away Samsung has teased the upcoming arrival of its next-generation smartphone offering with a new handset teaser trailer that whilst not confirming anything has hinted at a number of the device's design and spec features with the carfully chosen wording used.

Kicking off with a suggested inclusion of the heavily rumoured new curved backed design, “Where a Galaxy fits perfectly into your hand”, the trailer also hints at a higher resolution display, “Your view of the world grows ever wider”, and the largely expected quad-core processor, “As you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly.”

samsung galaxy s3 release date pictures screenshots shots

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs

A rumour that has cropped up comes courtesy of South Korea's Electronic Times which suggests that a source close to the production of the phone has confirmed it will feature a thickness of just 7mm.

Whilst nothing is yet confirmed a number of recent leaked reports and rumoured hands-ons have suggested the Samsung Galaxy S3 will land with a bevy of high-end specs including a 4.65-inch rendition of the company's now trademark HD Super AMOLED display with a stunning 1280 x 720p resolution.

Other expected Samsung Galaxy S3 specs that have been doing the rounds ahead of the handsets unveiling include 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage and a hefty 12-megapixel rear-mounted camera with the now customary 1080p Full HD video recording capabilities. A 2GHz dual-core processor has also been tipped for inclusion.

Much like the current Motorola RAZR, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of a number of handsets rumoured to be adding a nano tech coating in the form of the recently unveiled Liquipel that will see the device able to withstand the odd toilet drop or drink spill.

Contradicting some of these claimed specs, new reports from gadget blog Boy Genius Report have suggested Samsung's next-generation handset will feature a larger screen than previously expected and one which sounds like a beast.

Latest reports have suggested the handset will boast a 4.8-inch display with a stunning Full HD 1080p resolution and a film friendly 16:9 aspect ratio.

On top of this, the iPhone 4S rival is tipped to land with a 1.5GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos processor and Google's latest mobile operating system, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Repeatedly rumoured, Samsung has officially unveil its own Exynos 4 quad-core processor hinting that the speedy CPU will land in the eagerly awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 handset. "Already in production, the Exynos 4 Quad is scheduled to be adopted first into Samsung's next Galaxy smartphone that will officially be announced in May," a company spokesperson said.

samsung galaxy s3

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pictures

By no means concrete evidence a selection of Samsung Galaxy S3 renders have appeared online, featuring what appears to be a widescreen 720p display.

Following the year's opening tech show in Las Vegas Samsung outed a post CES 2012 highlights video with a mystery smartphone being used to demonstrate the company's new camera viewer features.

Whilst once again the device remained unnamed it is widely believed that the pictured handset, which suggested the S II follow-on will feature a new, slimmer form factor and minimalist bezel, was the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Since then a newly claimed Samsung Galaxy S3 picture has been outed with an unusual S-shaped handset being tipped as the potential form factor for the upcoming flagship Android handset

What would you like to see Samsung include on its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 release? Let us know via the comments box below.