Samsung EX2F Wi-Fi enabled smart camera officially unveiled

Samsung has expanded its range of Wi-Fi packing smart cameras lands with an f1.4 lens

Samsung's selection of Wi-Fi enabled compact cameras just got a little stronger with the Samsung EX2F officially unveiled minus a release date

Boasting the brightest lens in any compact camera, Samsung has announced the EX2F, the newest addition to its WiFi-enabled Smart cameras.

Building on the success of the EX1's F1.8 lens, the EX2F offers an advanced F1.4 24mm wide-angle lens that can deliver clear images and video even in very low light conditions.

Samsung EX2F Features

As the successor to the EX1, the aptly named EX2F now features wireless connectivity and an improved 12-megapixel image sensor. Capable of capturing 1080p Full HD video content at an impressive 30 frames-per-second, the EX2F allows still photos and video to be captured simultaneously through its Dual Capture feature meaning you won't miss that crucial shot if you're recording a film.

Featuring a 3.0” swivelling AMOLED display, the EX2F allows photographers to take pictures from an angle, whether high, low or a cheeky self portrait.

Ideal for DSLR-owners looking for a lightweight upgrade for their point-and-shoot, the EX2F features full manual control and Aperture and Shutter priority modes. The easily adjusted exposure using a dual dial and front wheel keys, coupled with the ability to shoot in RAW mode, this compact camera could be a valuable everyday DSLR alternative.

The integrated Wi-Fi capabilities also mean that you can share your image to social networking sites and store your images securely using auto backup or the cloud. The Mobile Link option also allows connectivity with smartphones and the opportunity to use your smartphone as a remote viewfinder. The Smart Link button gives you instant access to all these features.

Samsung EX2F Release Date

Currently, Samsung has not released any confirmed EX2F release dates or prices.

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Words: Samantha Loveridge