Samba 'free' 3G internet service launches today

Service gives users access to free 3G internet in exchange for them viewing adverts

Samba, an ad-funded service that offers users access to free 3G internet depending on the amount of ads they view, has launched in the UK today

Samba, an ad-funded service that 'rewards' users with access to free 3G internet depending on the amount of adverts they view, has launched in the UK today.

The nationwide service requires users to watch a series of advertisements before they can surf without being charged. The more adverts they view, the more free data they're assigned.

According to Samba, customers are given the option of which adverts they'd like to watch, with a battery icon showing how much free data they've accumulated as a result.

The company claims that watching 2.5 minutes of ads per day is enough to earn the equivalent of the average consumer's monthly broadband consumption of 517MB.

Consumers can also gain additional credit when purchasing items through affiliate sites, which include iTunes and PriceGrabber.

CEO Ben Atherton said: “Samba is the perfect solution for people who need internet data on the go and don't want to be locked into contracts with monthly charges and additional costs for excess data usage.

"With Samba you earn the credit watching ads at a time that is convenient for you and then have access when you need it. It also marks an end to that hunt for a coffee shop, pub, hotel or library to get online - with Samba you can be online anytime, anywhere.”

“We want Samba to be a quality product that our customers will enjoy using. We have the best connection and internet speed possible and carry premium ads from brands such as Agent Provocateur, Sims, Volvo, Clinique, Nissan, Paramount Pictures, Xbox Kinect, Pot Noodle and Dell.”

The Samba standard SIM card (for iPad) is priced at £5, while laptop and netbook users would need to purchase a dongle and SIM package which requires a one-off payment of £25.