Prepare to return to Whispering Rock as Psychonauts 2 goes crowdfunding for a big wad of nostalgia-scented cash

Fifteen years on Raz and his fellow PSI Cadets could be heading back to PC and consoles (if Double Fine can raise $3.3 million, that is)

One day we're all going to look back on 2015 as the year that all those games you dared to dream of came finally became a reality. We've barely recovered from the return of Shenmue, The Last Guardian and a Final Fantasy VII remake and now Tim Schafer and his studio Double Fine have gone and announced the much wanted (read: much begged for) Psychonauts 2 is happening. It's actually real! More Raz! More mind-bending adventures! Psychonauts 2!!!

Okay, we're more than a little excited for this one. Fifteen years ago Tim Schafer moved away from the adventure game template that had made his name and tried his hand at an action-adventure platformer called Psychonauts. It had everything: comedy, tragedy, drama and even a splash of horror. Few games were as cleverly designed and written and fans the world over have been tweeting poor old Schafer into madness begging for another entry.

So now it's here. Well, technically it's arrived on newish crowdfunding platform Fig and Double Fine is asking for $3.3 million but considering the records its previous crowdfunded effort Broken Age made on Kickstarter we're more than confident the project will hit its target. The project launched around 3am GMT and has already $735,570 (that's about 22% of its target) and still has 34 days left on the clock. Double Fine has confirmed its putting up a chunk of the game's funding itself, as is an as yet unconfirmed separate investor - but considering it's already confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One don't be shocked if said third-party turns out to be a big games platform giant.

Head over to the official Psychonauts 2 Fig page and check out it out for yourself.

Psychonauts 2!!!

Via: Fig

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