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Save some money and get rid of your stubble

Philips OneBlade Amazon Prime Day Deal

Are you constantly mistaken for a hipster because of an unruly beard and a slapdash morning routine? Philips One Blade is a great product for keeping your stubble sexy, and today it's cheaper than ever.

If you haven't head of OneBlade, it's a face and body trimmer designed to trim, edge and shave any length of hair.

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The Philips OneBlade is an odd-looking thing, with what appears to be a large Mach 3-style blade instead of the familiar cutting comb. 

The dual-sided blade is designed to cut more precisely than a comb and we find they last around 4 months before needing to be replaced.

Itt is suited to shorter trims on the whole – it's most ideal for those who favour neither beards nor a smooth visage: it does perma-stubble brilliantly.

The main selling point here is the absence of razor burn: if you’ve found other trimmers leave your face a fiery red, you will find the OneBlade considerably more gentle. 

The battery runs for 90 minutes on a one-hour charge and it can handle beards up to 10mm via its adjustable comb head.

Philips OneBlade - £39.99 - was £59.99 - save £20 

Philips OneBlade Face and Body trims, edges and shaves any length of hair, reducing it to very short stubble rather than total hair removal. With its unique design it‘s built to cut hair, not skin - seriously, the speed and comfort of this thing is really impressive.  You get a blade for your face, and one with a skin guard for your body. For those who want a quick, irritation-free shave, without ending up as smooth as an eel, OneBlade is great.

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