Philips Hue signs up to the Apple Homekit revolution

The personalised lighting system is getting a little Apple Homekit loving in the Autumn.

Philips has just announced Hue will soon be joining the pantheon of Apple Homekit-enabled products. So, if you want to tie your Apple products and personal lighting setups together you've only got to wait until September.

The timing of the announcement, just hours before Tim Cook takes to the stage at Apple's WWDC show, is unlikely to be a coincidence, but we wont necessarily see the fruits of this connectivity until Autumn this year.

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Philips' personalised lighting system is already able to be controlled via a smartphone application but with the integration of Hue with Apple's Homekit it is promising new 'next level' lighting experiences as well as new features for your existing connected light bulbs.

The possibility of never having to use a lightswitch again is becoming a reality; instead you'll just need to tell Siri which light group you want on.

And what colour they should be.

And with recent support documents showing the Apple TV as a Homekit hub enabling remote control of connected devices you'll even be able to control your lighting remotely. Though that might just be a solution looking for a problem…

Philips has also confirmed that existing Hue products wont be suddenly made obsolete when the full release is made in the Autumn. Any Hue products you've already got will all be compatible with whatever the Homekit solution turns out to be.