Philips Hue deal: Ambience Starter Kit and Google Home Mini bundle £100 off!

Get two Philips Hue smart bulbs, the Philips Hue Bridge and a Google Home Mini for one incredibly low price point

Philips Hue deal smart bulbs Google Home Mini

This is a great Philips Hue bundle deal if ever we saw one. That's because over at Currys for a limited time you can pick up the Philips Hue White and Ambience Colour Starter Kit and a Google Home Mini smart hub and speaker for only £84.99.

Normally the Philips Hue White and Ambience Colour Starter Kit retails on its own for well over a ton, so the fact that you get it and a quality smart speaker too for far less really has set our bargain bells ringing.

As can be seen in the full details of the deal below, you can also bag the deal with either the Charcoal or Chalk variants of the Mini, as well as either screw or bayonet light bulb fittings. Check it out now, thank us later.

Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience Mini Smart Bulb B22 Starter Kit + Google Home Mini bundle | now £84.99 at Currys

This bundle  deal from Currys is a great way to kick start a smart home conversion project as it allows you to pick up the excellent Philips Hue White and Ambience Colour Starter Kit, which includes two smart bulbs and the Philips Bridge needed to control them, as well as a Google Home Mini smart hub and speaker, which can be used to active the lights via voice command.

This exact bundle deal is available with both bayonet B22 fittings, with both a Charcoal and Chalk Google Mini, as well as E27 screw fittings, once more with Charcoal and Chalk Mini's available. So no matter your socket setup up or aesthetic taste, there is a bundle for you.View Deal

What we like most about this bundle is that the products included are absolutely quality, with Philips Hue smart bulbs like these lodged in the prestigious number one position in T3's best smart bulbs buying guide. Likewise, the Google Home Mini gets a great write-up in our best smart speakers buying guide, too.

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