Oral B Smart Series 6000 is probably the best electric toothbrush deal you'll see this Black Friday

A dentist-approved toothbrush discounted all the way down to a gum-pleasing £55

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Looking for an electric toothbrush but find they're either very expensive or a bit crap? Black Friday has the answer, courtesy of Amazon. 

The Oral-B Smart Series 6000 or possibly the Pro 6500 depending on which image you click on, on Amazon's site – they're the same thing, we are pretty sure) is yours for just £55, down from an original RRP of over £220. 

As you can see, the woman in this picture is pretty chuffed with it, and that's not just because she is totally a real dentist. 

Oral B Smart Series 6000 | £55 | Was £230 

With four cleaning modes including whitening and sensitive and a generous selection of three brush heads, this is a bargain at the price. Okay, nobody in their right mind would pay 230 quid for this, but discounts usually hover more around the 50% mark. This is way better.View Deal

The 6000 uses Oral-B's excellent cross-action rotary brush to give really great cleaning for years. There are four cleaning modes, including a handy one for those with sensitive teeth and gums.

A timer buzzes every 30 seconds to tell you to move to the next 'quadrant' of your mouth – you do top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left. Even better, a sort of mouth satnav indicates where you should be brushing, and has a child-like, cartoon face smile at you, as you pass the dentist-approved 2-minute cleaning mark.

Okay, maybe that's more for your kids than for you, but it's still cool, and the display works as a handy bathroom clock when you're not brushing.

Adding to the 'premium yet affordable' feel, you get no fewer than 3 brush heads and, obviously, a charger. Pressure control both alerts you, and slows the motor if you are pressing the brush too hard against your teeth and gums.

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