OnePlus 9 release date leak is the news fans want to hear

OnePlus is shaking things up with the OnePlus 9 launch according to insiders

OnePlus 8
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OnePlus has had a solid run with its devices this year, with the OnePlus 8 and stellar OnePlus 8 Pro, the budget OnePlus Nord, and the recently released OnePlus 8T

The OnePlus 9 is next on the agenda, and it seems that OnePlus is already formulating a plan to shake things up with next year's flagship that could see the likes of Samsung and its Galaxy S21 in for some stiff competition. 

In recent years, OnePlus has debuted its new flagship smartphones in May, bringing that forward to April with this year's OnePlus 8. But it seems that next year, the company is looking to roll out its new handset as early as March.

Android Central cites an "insider source" who has divulged the tidbit, saying the release is slated for mid-March. This is an interesting tack to take, especially in light of Samsung's reported plan to move the Galaxy S21 launch from its traditional March window to January. Tipsters are warning fans that the device will be a downgrade, making it easier for the competition to swoop in and entice Samsung customers away from the brand. 

It seems that Android phones will be battling it out in the first quarter of next year, and Apple may well get in on the action with a follow-up to the iPhone SE which was unveiled in April this year.  

The plan may be to allow more time for the flagship OnePlus 9 to be on the market before the T series launches later in the year, but given that we didn't see a Pro iteration of the OnePlus 8T, the company could be overhauling its devices as well as their release schedule.

The OnePlus Nord has kicked off a new line of affordable smartphones, including a version for the US with the the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, and rumors of a couple more wallet-friendly smartphones codenamed OnePlus Aurora and OnePlus Lemonade.  

OnePlus has also teased a smartwatch, so it's likely that it's switching up its strategy to facilitate a slew of new devices that could see it scrap the T series altogether, and lean on the OnePlus 9 as its single flagship smartphone. 

Source: Android Central

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