Nodus iPhone 8 case pre-orders go live; do the Access Case 3 and Shell Case reveal Apple's iPhone Edition spec?

British case maker's flagship iPhone 8 cases are now available to pre-order

Pre-orders for Nodus' Access Case 3 for iPhone 8 and Shell Case for iPhone 8 have gone live.

The cases, which are both currently up for pre-order for a price of £44.99, land with less than a week before Apple's big iPhone event at Cupertino and offer two markedly different designs.

The Shell Case for iPhone 8 offers a clip-on case finished with vegetable tanned Italian leather, a soft microfibre lining, and a shock-absorbing polycarbonate core. It also offers magnetic shielding and supports Nodus' Magnetic Micro Dock mounting system.  

While the Access Case 3 for iPhone 8 offers a flip case design once again finished with vegetable tanned Italian leather and lined with a soft microfibre lining. The big selling point with the Access though is its Micro Suction pad, which allows the iPhone 8 to stick secure in the case without needing a clip or cradle.

Right now though we're wondering here at T3 Towers if what we're actually seeing here in these "iPhone 8" Nodus cases is actually the spec for the much rumoured iPhone Edition due to the dual cameras and their orientation. Currently the wind is blowing very much toward iPhone Edition or iPhone X with this config, along with a full-fat iPhone 8, and against an iPhone 7S, with Apple reportedly ditching the "S" naming convention. Sure is a puzzler...

Make sure you check in to next Tuesday for our live coverage of Apple's iPhone event.