Nintendo Switch deal alert: 50% off official battery pack is a must-have Black Friday bargain for gamers on-the-go

Half price battery pack in time for the holidays? Yes, please

Nintendo Switch Black Friday Deal

With the Christmas holidays on the horizon, you've likely got a hefty amount of travelling to visit distant friends and estranged family members ahead of you these next few weeks. As such, you'll likely want your Nintendo Switch to last the journey.

Fortuitous then that Anker's PowerCore 20100 – the official charger for the Nintendo Switch – is currently 50% off at The whopping 201,000mAh cell is large enough to top-up your portable console 2.5x while gaming away from the wall plug.

Battery firm Anker says the battery is "optimised for use with the Nintendo Switch", however it's unclear exactly how the PowerCore 20100 performs differently to any other external battery pack you might use to refuel your console.

Get the Nintendo Switch-Optimised PowerCore 20100 Battery Pack From For £39.99

Charging via USB-C from the PowerCore 20100, Anker claims you'll be able to get around 15 hours of additional playtime from your Nintendo Switch, which should be more than enough to nab a few more Power Moons in Super Mario Odyssey, or take part in one final Grand Prix in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Best of all, you won't even need to pause your gameplay while your Nintendo Switch is recharging, since the Anker battery pack tops-up the console fast enough that you can continue playing uninterrupted.