Nike's Mercurial Superfly CR7 comes from another world...

If these aren't your next football boots, well, something else will be...

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Mercurial Superfly CR7

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Mercurial Superfly CR7

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Mercurial Superfly CR7

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Mercurial Superfly CR7

Are you tired of technicolour football boots? Cristiano Ronaldo's latest signature boot returns to good old fashioned black, but there's a twist...

Nike loves to release a new signature boot for the flying Portuguese before El Clasico, and this year's boot is the Mercurial Superfly CR7. Unlike previous versions though, the latest CR generation has evolved from garish eyesore to something a little more understated and likeable. Much like Ronaldo himself in fact.

On the surface, this looks like a classic blackout version on the Mercurial Superfly. And you'd be right in a sense, it is virtually the same boot, but like CR7, it does something a bit special under the floodlights.

Because thanks to a variation in NikeSkin technology - that is, the soft, thin mesh upper Nike uses on it's newest boots - these boots shimmer under lights. Not just floodlights mind, but the effect is obviously more pronounced when the sun goes down. Specifically, tiny woven particles within the upper catch the light at different angles to give a shimmering effect, like a thousand camera flashes in the Bernabau.

Still not sure what that would look like? Check the video below:

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