Nike+ Training takes workout tracking to a new level

Nike launches innovative new Basketball and Training in-trainer tracking

Nike takes workout tracking to the next level with the new Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basketball system, putting sensors in your shoes to bring elite-level sports lab data tech direct onto your iPhone.

Nike today announced a new evolution in sports tracking, unveiling Nike+ Training and Nike+ Basteball, a new athletic analysis system that sends lab-style training stats from sensors in your trainers live to your iPhone.

The new Nike+ Training system also lets you share your vital stats such as personal bests via social networks and challenge your friends around the world to compete against your top scores.

The next evolution in the Nike+ system works by placing four pressure sensors in your trainers which work in conjunction with an accelerometer to deliver live information, such as height jumped, foot speed and even hang time direct to your phone.

The new technology means everything from squat jumps reps to rope skips can be accurately tracked to build up a more advanced total picture of any workout and all of that data also counts towards your overall Fuel score - Nike's new single 'currency' for reporting how hard we're working as we train or go about out daily lives.

The system will roll out first in the Nike Lunar TR1+ trainers for men and Lunar Hypeworkout+ for women. Basketball fans and players will be able to buy the Nike Hyperdunk+ and have specific in game tracking that gives instant and accurate feedback on your performance.

The Nike+ Training app is currently iPhone only and comes free when you purchase the Nike+ Training of Nike+ Basketball powered shoes.

Nike+ Training official video

Get a first glimpse of the new Nike+ Training system, demonstrated by Rafael Nadal.