News@8pm: WWDC latest, Microsoft leaks E3 line-up

Plus: E3 rumours and THQ and Adidas create Active rival

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Tonight the WWDC is finally up and running, keep track of all the latest news of iCloud, iOS 5 and OS X Lion with T3's live blog. A selection of top tech experts gave their predictions for the conference earlier, have they hit the nail on the head, or been wide of the mark?

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A massive gaffe from Microsoft has revealed Halo 4, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, and a host of other titles are to be announced at this years E3 gaming expo. Still remaining under wraps however, is the rumour that Microsoft will unveil 'Diamond', a PS3 style content streaming service for Xbox.

E3 rumours have been flying around today, including that Nintendo's Wii 2, due to be announced tomorrow, will feature a 6-inch touch screen, as well as an onboard camera and tablet like controls. THQ and Adidas have teamed up to create MiCoach, a fitness game which will support Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move, and with training features for a wide variety of sports it looks as though it will offer serious competition to EA Sports Active.

Apple's iCloud has been embroiled in a legal battle

with German Company Simfy, after Apple has delayed approval on a product which Simfy claim is similar, and could be a rival to, the iCloud service. Finally,

hit iPhone app Instagram has been updated

, and along with an improved performance, users can now keep favourite photos together with the addition of a 'Like' function.