News@8pm: White iPhone 4 available and GT5 delays

Plus: 103-inch 3DTV and Xbox sales double thanks to Kinect

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Apple's White iPhone 4 is here, well, sort of. A student who sourced parts to convert the standard Black hued iPhone 4 into a sparkly white edition has reportedly made himself a tidy $130,000 owing to the number of people desperate enough to lighten up their Apple handsets. In other Apple themed news today, it emerged that The Beatles will be digitally exclusive to iTunes until 2011 following yesterday's Fab Four announcement. If you have already packed your sixth gen iPod Nano with Beatles tunes and want to show it off take a look at the new Griffin Slap a case come watchstrap from you Apple PMP. Nice.


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Panasonic products incoming as the big P announced that not only would it be producing Android powered mobile handsets for launch in 2011 but its 103-inch Plasma TV has been given a Full HD 3D makeover. Whilst some may think that 103-inch of 3D is a tad excessive, we think they are just selling themselves short.

GT5 delays return as the latest official launch gate for the upcoming racing sim gets kicked back in Europe. The news that no gaming fan wanted to hear after five years of waiting, Gran Turismo 5 will now launch in Europe two days later than planned on Friday November 26th. Whilst Sony's flagship title flounders, Microsoft has seen sales of the Xbox 360 soar since last week's Kinect launch, doubling numbers leaving shelves.

App Store updates today have brought us an iOS 4.2 primed version of Twitter as the micro-blogging site prepares itself for the imminent arrival of the Apple's iPhone and iPad OS update. Elsewhere on the app front, after much waiting, the Google Voice Search app has landed in the Apple App Store appeasing any chatty searchers out there.