News@8pm: Toshiba Thrive sale date and Sony hacked again

Plus: Qualcomm Zero Shutter lag and PS4 not needed.

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Toshiba's Thrive tablet will go on sale July 10, set to take on the iPad 2 and BlackBerry's PlayBook, the 10.1-inch tablet packs Honeycomb 3.1, dual-core processor and 5-meg camera. Sony has been hacked – again. A small team of hackers claim to have stolen one million users personal data from, including passwords, addresses and date of birth.


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OnLive showed the potential of tablets as games consoles, with a demo video showing the subscription service on an HTC Flyer. OnLive is due to arrive in the UK this autumn. The company also revealed it will be unveiling its Wireless Gaming controller at this years E3 gaming expo.

Qualcomm demo-d its Zero Shutter lag technology, which works by taking 5 images at high-speed, and then allows the user to play around, swap certain aspects such as facial expression, to gain the best photo. HTC is encouraging developers to create apps specific to Sense 3.0, through a newly announced HTCDev programme, which could see a host of apps and widgets become specifically available to HTC.

Take-Two games CEO has come forward saying that development of PS4 and Xbox 720 is not needed yet , saying there is still plenty of room for innovation on current platforms. Finally, Lara Croft is set to return , with the release of a new trailer for E3. Square Enix will be hoping the new title puts competitors such as Uncharted back in their place.