News@8pm: T3 Gadget Awards finalists revealed

Plus: iPhone 5 release date and Modern Warfare 3 screens

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Leaked pictures of a HTC handset are reportedly of the upcoming HTC Ruby, which the company plans to add to its already impressive smartphone lineup. HTC has been playing a key role in the growth of the smartphone; analysts at Juniper Research stated that smartphone shipments could total 1 billion by 2016.

iPhone 4 stocks are dwindling without replenishment, according to new reports, as Apple prepares to launch the much-mooted iPhone 5. Demand for the new handset will undoubtedly be high, but just make sure you don't buy from one of the fake Apple stores that have been spotted springing up all over China.

Star Wars fans will be able to get their sweaty hands on a new special edition Xbox 360, Microsoft revealed today, that it has been designed to match the aesthetics of R2-D2 and C-3PO. Meanwhile, other gaming fans will be pleased to see Activision have released more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 screenshots, offering further insight into the first-person shooter.

Virgin Media is now providing fibre-optic 100Mbps broadband to nearly 6.5 million Brits, the company has announced. The increasingly high-speed internet available in Britain is helping the country climb the international rankings. High speed broadband will also have played a part in helping Apple over the last 24 hours, as it recorded over 1 million downloads of its new Mac OS X Lion in its first day since release.

Finally, today saw the T3 Gadget Awards 2011 finalists revealed. Head on over to the T3 Gadget Awards to vote for your top tech of the past 12 months now.