News@8pm: Samsung Series 5 Chromebook and HTC prices

Plus: Facebook in smear campaign against Google

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There were two pre-order announcements today for HTC products, with the Taiwanese company putting a price tag of £499.99 on the HTC Sensation smartphone and £480 for the 16GB Wi-Fi only version of the HTC Flyer tablet. For a company taking aim at Apple's market share, we think these prices seem a little on the heavy side. Expect the Flyer to hit shelves on 1 June and the Sensation following later that month on 30 June.


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Samsung has confirmed reports that the company will release a Near Field Communication (NFC) version of it's iPhone rivalling Galaxy S II device. The technology will allow users to pay for goods and services using only their phone. We should see the device in shops later this year. Meanwhile, rail operator Chiltern Railway has released an app that allows passengers to pay for their journey in advance and store tickets on their phone. Just don't run out of battery before your ticket is inspected.

Facebook continued its rocky ride in the media spotlight with yet another story being released criticising the company's actions. The social networking giant has apparently admitted to hiring a PR company to smear its rival Google. The news comes as Samsung releases details about its much-hyped Series 5 Chromebook, the first widely available laptop to use the search engine goliath's Chrome OS. The new netbook killer comes with a seriously impressive spec sheet and promises to rejuvenate the world of pared down lappies.

Sony Ericsson was in the news today with a blurry spy shot appearing of aCyber-shot branded Android handset, suggesting that the tech giant could be set to unveil a new camera focussed smartphone. A Walkman branded Android handset is also tipped to be released later this year. Elsewhere in the company's smartphone portfolio, the Xperia One appears to be suffering from a lack of interest, with the revelation that each of the classic PSone games available for the device has been downloaded less than 1000 times. The company says it is unconcerned.