News@8pm: Samsung hits 100 million, iPad 2 for £199

Plus: Atrix 4G suffers poor call quality and Galaxy Tab for £300

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Motorola poked fun at the iPad 2 hopefuls today, trying to tempt them away from the queues and towards the Xoom with taunts about "wasting the finest weather we've had in ages". Those looking to get an iPad 2 tomorrow might want to check out Orange's offering of a 16GB WI-FI +3G device for only £199 on a two year contract. Plus they'll be giving 10 away for free tomorrow for those dressed as their favourite apps. We call Angry Birds! Who wants the T3 app?


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Samsung smashed through 100 million app downloads for its Bada platform and Smart TVs which both connect to the Samsung Apps mobile store. To celebrate Sammy's handing out weekly prizes to anyone who downloads an app over the next month. One of the prizes on offer is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is now selling for £300 at Asda. The price cut, down from £437 comes just in time to undercut the iPad 2's launch tomorrow. Coincidence?

New Atrix owners have suffered the early adoption blues with users reporting that the Atrix's call quality leaves a bit to be desired. Moto's already on the case and is looking into the situation. Others who are feeling the pain of taking an early plunge are US iPad 2 owners. Reports are streaming in from customers who are finding their Facetime app infuriating when it freezes mid call, rendered useless until the iPad is restarted. Lets hope Apple gets it sorted before we Brits have to suffer. You've got less than a day, Cupertino.