News@8pm: Samsung Galaxy S2 and the white PS3 Slim

Plus: the Puma phone and Canon Wonder Camera

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Apps make the world go round. Or at any rate, make our mobile phones more interesting. iPhone users in the UK would be happy to know the government is creating expensive iPhone apps by tapping into their tax payments. £40,000 spent to tell you, dear iPhone user, how to change the wheel of your car when it's broken down. And how to get a job. Perhaps inherently more useful is the free mobile navigation app, Skobbler, if the 72,000 UK downloads in the three weeks since its release is anything to go by. Doing a Wikipedia and having users update its maps, we imagine it costs less than the government-released fare.

Rumour mills and good news has spun the mobile phone updates today. Yacht-lovers, running enthusiasts and eco-warriors would all probably want to get the €399 Puma phone resplendent with features for their sporting needs. It even comes with a virtual puma, inexplicably named Dylan (does it even look like a Dylan?). You might stay loyal to your HTC HD2 though. Even if you experience the jealousy that rips through your Windows Mobile 6.5 being when you see HTC Androids smirking at you. The green-eyed monster won't stay long: HTC HD2 is now compatible with Android OS 2.1 Éclair. Speaking of Android, the Samsung Galaxy S is barely out its cradle when rumours skip around, about its sequel, the Samsung Galaxy S2, said to run on Android OS 3.0 Gingerbread and boasting a full HD video camera. Also unconfirmed is the news that the Windows Phone 7 series mobiles could be for grabs into our sticky Gingerbread hands sooner that we think. Some good news for Apple (finally!): the Apple iPhone 3G is UK's most recycled phone. Most likely that people turned them in for a shiny new iPhone 4. Don't look now, they might just want their old phones back!

PS3 addicts rejoice! A classic white version of the normally-black PS3 has been released. You'd have to go to Japan to get it though. And as if that wouldn't make us envy PS3 gamers in Japan enough, Sony has announced a pair of PS3 Move bundles that would satisfy Biohazard 5 and Big 3 Gun Shooting fans. Only in Japan. We predict a slight rise in round-trip tickets to Japan...

Computing news has had a fairly interesting 24 hours. The Samsung Q series laptops are set to be released around late July, with an entry price of £599. Entering the fight to be tablet-king (or queen; let's not discriminate) is Russia. Rover Computer has announced 5 tablet PCs ranging from 4-inches to 7, with all but one running on an Android OS (the lone ranger will side with Windows CE 6.0).

Quirky bits of information have been streaming in today. The weatherproof Pure Oasis Flow connects to play internet radio, digital and FM radio and can be used as an iPod speaker. All for the sum of £170 only. I'll tell you now though, you won't be able to hear the dulcet tones of Prince on that rugged radio. The 80s legend has said the internet is kaput and is releasing his latest album CD-only. Oh and he also says digital gadgets are not good for you. Do you think this means he doesn't read T3? And here we thought "it's time we all reach out for something new". Something new is the concept Canon Wonder Camera which can take all kinds of photos without having to change the lens. Back to the future indeed...