News@8pm: PSVita unveiling and Kinect news from E3

Plus: Skype crashes again and iPhone 5 rumours

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It's been a bumper day at E3, especially for Sony and PlayStation. The lid was lifted from the NGP to reveal PSVita, with specs including OLED touchscreen, dual analogue controls and touch-sensitive back panel. Sony also revealed the console's price, it'll set you back 249 or 299 euros depending on the model, and will hit shelves by Christmas.


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Microsoft was also out in force at E3, revealing that Kinect is due to feature titles such as Fable, Mass Effect and Ghost Recon, as well as also revealing its new wireless steering wheel controller for Xbox. Bad news for Microsoft when Skype crashed for the second time since the company purchased it for $8.5 billion last month.

EA Sports showcased its FIFA 12, with new and improved features including Tactical Defending and Precision Dribbling, as well as a new online service, EA Football Club. Big news for Halo fans as well, Microsoft will be launching another trilogy of games, as well as a re-release of the original Halo: Combat Evolved.

Apple's iPhone 5 could break from the previous iPhone mould, after rumours suggested Apple may stray from the 3.5” display blueprint to keep up with competitors. Finally, reactions from last nights WWDC have continued throughout the day, T3 was there and has broken down all you need to know from the keynote speech.