News@8pm: PSP Phone pics leaked as Gaga takes YouTube

Plus: White iPhone 4 delayed as Limewire is shut down

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Music fans blast out some big tunes online as Lady Gaga breaks the YouTube record for her music videos, proving that pop is another form of art to some. Bad news for all you piratical types out there however, as the infamous music downloading site Limewire has been shut down. Guess it's time for everyone to start buying from iTunes, but while you're there, why don't you download our T3 app.

Mythical technology is all the rage today as Sony PlayStation Phone photos have been leaked. Quick, get a look while you can. The previously delayed rare White iPhone 4 has been delayed once again, so why not take a peek at what we're sure you were all expecting in your Christmas stocking this year?

Price drop and new app arrivals for Apple owners. Good news, the Apple iPod touch 8GB (4th Gen) is available for only £169.95 on Amazon. At that price you might as well buy one for all your loved ones. iPad owners don't even have to go online to buy one, not with the new Amazon Windowshop store released by Amazon. Soon you'll be able to use the iPad as a toilet.

Connectivity and readers have been extremely popular with technology lovers today. Barnes and Noble have officially announced their new Nook Colour eBook. A very swish way to read a book. A public beta has been released for Windows Phone 7 users for a new handset connector that allows owners to sync their phone with an Apply Mac. It's all about connecting people, oh wait that's Nokia.