News@8pm: Nintendo 3DS priced, dated and Android 3.0

Plus: No Blu-ray for Macs and the next 12 months in tech

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Mobile announcements have come in thick and fast today, starting with details emerging about Google's Android 3.0 Gingerbread, after FroYo's barely even out the door. The Motorola Milestone XT720 specs have been given an unwanted downgrading, and it's the second time they've been changed in as many weeks. Sort it out, Moto. The Facebook iPhone app has been updated for iOS 4 compatibility, adding multi-tasking and high res icons to the social app. Hallelujah. Also, Mozilla has submitted its Firefox Home app to Apple's App Store for approval, and if approved, it'll let users sync desktop settings with their iPhone. News of an impressively swift tech death comes as Microsoft has killed off its KINrange, saying it'll merge KIN's skills with those of Windows Phone 7 instead.

Nintendo 3DS has been priced and dated, sending T3's pulse through the roof, natch. The glasses-less handheld 3D console has been priced at £140 and given a release date of March 15 2011, unofficially at least. The numbers come from an online retailer, and if true, will make 3D gaming minus the specs a heck of a lot more wallet-friendly than first expected. Elsewhere, we've learned that Rock Band 3 will auto-tune your singing voice. This'll either make the role of the singer the most fought over in the game, or single-handedly eliminate any hint of challenging fun from the singing side of the musical mosh-along.

Computing news has seen Finland make 1Mbps broadband a legal right, and they're certainly leading the way in broadband inclusion. Here in Britain, we aren't aiming to reach that target until 2012. Google News has added a local search feature to its service, letting you track down stories by location. Which is handy. All of which will mean little if you're one of thehalf a millionowners of a Sony Vaio laptop from the F11 or CW2 series though, as it's probably already caught on fire before your very eyes. Not really. But it can reach some pretty toasty temps, and Sony has had to release a BIOS upgradeto solve the overheating problem. Steve Jobs has been sticking to his guns once more, this time in relation to the possibility of Blu-ray coming to Macs. His response? Essentially a big fat “no”.

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