News@8pm: Nintendo 3DS official and iPhone 4 prices

Plus: BlackBerry Tablet and JooJoo tablet review

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

As E3 continues, gaming stories take the headlines once again. The biggest story of the day is one that has only just broke, the official unveiling on the Nintendo 3DS and glasses-free 3D gaming. We have also brought you our first impressions on the Xbox 360 slim announced yesterday at E3. As the new Xbox slim arrives, inevitably, the older, original models become cheaper. Bonus. Elsewhere on the games front, airline Thomas Cook has announced that it is to offer PSP rentals as in-flight entertainment.

Apple iPhone 4 has once again been under public scrutiny. Today the new Apple handset official went on pre-order. However, none of the UK network providers have decided to unveil their contract offerings. Apple has unveiled the iPhone 4 handset prices though, and pricey they are. Today we also brought you our first hands-on review of the Apple iPhone 4, a lovely feast of Apples for you.

More tablet rumours have suggested that a BlackBerry tablet could be on the way. Unusually, however, the BlackBerry tab wouldn't offer internet without tethering from a new BlackBerry smartphone. The JooJoo tablet, the only iPad size tablet on the market not made by Apple has come under our scrupulous eye today as we review the JooJoo.