News@8pm: New iPod Touch pictures and 4OD on PS3

Plus: Brian Blessed is the new voice of TomTom satnavs

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Top of today's new pile is more evidence that Apple is preparing to add to the PMP family as new iPod Touch pictures leak onto the web. While that will be sweet music to the ears of Apple fans across the land, Yoko Ono reckons the chances of the Beatles appearing on iTunes are unlikely. Staying with iTunes and Apple has launched a try before you buy section on the App Store, where you can find all the best Lite iPhone apps. Ever the innovators, Apple has filed a patent for a smart bike concept, which looks like Nike+ for cyclists. iBike anyone?

In gaming news, 4OD could be heading to the PS3, joining the BBC iPlayer as another on-demand service that Sony can flaunt at its rivals. But why worry about catching up on Come Dine With Me when Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro is rumoured to be in talks with THQ to make video games. Perhaps Del Toro will pave the way for Tarantino, Cameron and company to spread a little of their Hollywood magic into the gaming world. For those still intrigued as to how Microsoft's motion-free controller actually works, a patent now shows the inner workings of Microsoft Kinect.

When HP recently acquired Palm, we anticipated a slew of WebOS-toting devices to drool over, instead we look like we will be getting HP WebOS printers instead. On the trouser-friendly tech front, the Nokia C7 has been spotted running new Symbian 3 OS, while Aiptek has launched a pocket 3D HD camcorder in the UK.

Gordon's Alive!! No Flash Gordon is not making a TV return, but Brian Blessed is now the voice of TomTom sat navs. After a successful Facebook campaign, the booming vocal chords of the English actor will now be your voice of navigational reason.

Stuck for something to do at the weekend? Well, you can always make your way to Covent Garden to visit the largest Apple Store in the world, and you know, pick up a few iPads, maybe one or two Nanos…