News@8pm: Kal-El superchip looks to alter gaming and Windows 8 details revealed

Plus: HP open to licensing webOS, and Nokia takeover claims 'baseless'

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HP head honcho Leo Apotheker has revealed the company will be open to licensing out webOS to other smart phone manufacturers, claiming the system is too good not to share. Elsewhere Skype has played it safe with its HD service, promising customers it'll work, providing they have forked out for Skype certified webcams with a built in CPU.


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NVIDIA has released a video demo-ing the capabilities of its new Kal-El superchip, which looks set to take tablet gaming to another level. Products containing the chip should be surfacing August this year. In other gaming news; Forza Motorsport 4 will have Kinect integration after a video was released previewing a 'head-tracking' feature on the Xbox 360 title.

Details of Microsoft's Windows 8 OS were revealed at this years D9 event. Taking cues from the Windows 7 phone, the system is set to be seen on tablets and top-end PCs at the beginning of next year, and rumours have already been kick started as to who the first developers to use the system will be. A Microsoft video on the building of Windows 8 blurs out a range of tablet-esque designs in the background, thought to be by HP.

More details surfaced about Twitter's soon-to-be launched photo service. It will be ran in partnership with Photobucket, and will allow users to upload pictures and video to the social networking site, and share via hashtag. Finally, Nokia's CEO has labelled takeover claims as 'baseless', rumours of a Microsoft takeover had started after the companies share prices tumbled earlier this week.