News@8pm: Jaguar concept, Galaxy Tab release date

Your round-up of the day's news. It's 8 o'clock. Bong.

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Another day's worth of tech happenings neatly filed away by T3.

Dual-OLED-screened Samsung Continuum surfaces accross the pond

The follow-up to the hugely popular Galaxy S, the new Samsung Continuum, boasts - count 'em - two touchscreens, one AMOLED main screen, and a smaller OLED screen called the "Ticker", for receiving push updates like news, RSS and social media messages. There's also a grip sensor that turns on the Ticker when you pick the phone up while leaving the main screen dark, for super-efficient Twitter-checking.

Samsung Galaxy Tab release date Nov 1st

Sammy fans hanging on for the Korean giant's answer to the iPad only have a month to wait until they can finally get their mitts on the £600 Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 1st. We've also heard a bit more on the Reader's Hub, which will apparently offer over 2 million ebooks for download, 1.8 million of which will be free.

Electric Jaguar C-X75 concept car storms Paris Motor Show

A beautiful machine it is, certainly, but the electric Jaguar C-X75 concept supercar also packs in outrageous performance including a top speed of 205mph and a 0-62mph acceleration of 3.4 seconds. If we all start working very hard, one day we will have a car like this.

Next tablet announced

An unlikely challenger, perhaps, but what the high street-branded Next tablet lacks in... well, everything, it makes up for with a £180 price tag. It's got a paltry 2 gigs of storage, no multi-touch and a battery life of just three hours, but if you're dead set on owning a tablet and lack the economic wherewithal for something high-end, this might fill the hole.