News@8pm: iPhone signal fail and HTC Gold lands

Plus: Firefox 4 Beta 1 and DeLorean hoax

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Shiny new toys are something all techies love. And boy, do we have new tech to share! Mozilla Firefox is hitting back at Safari and Chrome with the Firefox 4 Beta 1 now available for download. With rearranged tabs, HD video and the all-important crash protection (so all Farmville addicts - yes, you - can grow crop and milk cows to your hearts' content), there's no reason to put off getting this version. If foxes and farms don't catch your fancy, the Borders e-book store launched today, making it the latest entrant in the e-book wars. Netbooks with dual-core processors might become the rage instead (or not); the Acer Aspire One D260 with its Intel Atom N550 processor is the newest netbook entry with a dual twist.

Gaming enthusiasts have more news trickling in today. The Xbox Live Arcade is being revamped to look prettier. Uh, we mean, more functional. But UK-based gamers will have to wait. It's a US-only release for the moment. We're also being made to wait on further information as to whether Miis will be transitioned to the Nintendo 3DS. All these tidbits make us hungry for more...

Food reminds us of Froyo! But what do we have here? Yet another wait, that's what. HTC has said that Froyo updates will be complete only around Christmas. Reminder though: the Android 3.0 OS Gingerbread will roll around the same time. Christmas cheer looks like it will be sorely tested with new Froyo users already being outdated. More Android fodder: the Motorola Charm was allegedly snapped in a T-Mobile store which indicates an upcoming UK release. Another leaked bit of information: A roadmap shows November 2010 to be Windows Phone 7 powered HTC Gold potential release date along with dirt on a host of other brand new phones.

Apple's woes continue. If you got excited with the news of the iPhone 4 software fix, it's time to come back to earth. Apple has confirmed that the 'software fix' for the iPhone 4's reception issues...doesn't fix the problem. T3 decided to put it to the test. With the help of a signal strength measuring app, T3 found that not only do the iPhone 4's reception bars drop, download speeds fall considerably. Oh Apple, what do we do with you? They did try some damage control with the iTunes fiasco though. Apple has said that only 400 iTunes accounts were hacked by the Vietnamese developer. We wonder if anyone who owns an iPhone 4 also had their iTunes account hacked...that would be one unhappy chap.

Tweet-happy twitterers can now think about trying out Twitter's official Blackberry client which was released today. Twitter app developers should probably think about developing fact-checking features as well though. It might prevent a whole host of hoaxes, such as the Back to the Future Twitter hoax which went global. It's alright; we just have to wait another 5 years to unbox our model DeLoreans again.