News@8pm: iPhone laptop dock and Sony tablet incoming

Plus: Angry Birds Rio success and App Store patents

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New Apple patents often give us a sneak peak into the future of the Cupertino tech giant and today has presented us with a bumper offering. First up on the advanced look front was a patent that revealed Apple is working on iWeb for the iPad, bringing the website creator from Macs to the tablet much like Page, iMovie and PhotoBooth. Following this another patent revealed Apple's latest 'App Store' trademarks hinting towards the imminent introduction of NFC style payment tech in the upcoming Apple iPhone 5.


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Staying with Apple and the iPhone 5 and we came across an interesting bit of news today claiming Apple is working on a laptop dock for the imminent iPhone 5 arrival. This Atrix styled surprise was matched by the revelation that tech giant Sony is finally looking to venture into the tablet market with the first Sony tablet, rumoured to be called the Sony S1, officially heading for a summer release.

Nintendo 3DS gaming has taken off since the console launched in the UK, Europe and the US last month. As if proving this we have two 3DS themed stories for you kicking off with the news Ninty sold 113,000 of the pocketable 3D consoles in the UK in the opening 48 hours. This is followed by the revelation that FIFA 12 will land on the Nintendo 3DS, as well as the Sony NGP when it officially launches later in the year.

Other random news with no discernable link but a definite amount of intrigue and importance is the report that Angry Birds Rio has received more than 10 million downloads in its opening 10 days with the app sensation once again breaking records and hitting milestones. Elsewhere Google's co-founder Larry page has taken over the role as the company's CEO replacing Eric Schmidt who held the position for ten years.