News@8pm: iPhone 5 specs leak and Nintendo Wii 2 details

Plus: iPad 2 price cut and Angry Birds for Facebook

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Apple's iPhone 5 has taken over the fruity tech rumour mill now that the iPad 2 has entered the realms of reality and is on its way to a March 25th UK arrival. Today saw two doozies of iPhone 5 rumours with the mooted Apple handset reported as hosting a metal back with the antenna built in to the Apple logo and another suggesting the iPhone 5 will launch featuring the same A5 dual-core processor as the iPad 2.


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Gaming fact and fiction keeps us excited about the possible and the definite as on the confirmed front, Rovio declared Angry Birds will launch a Facebook game next month. On a more speculative basis, Nintendo is rumoured to be preparing the Wii 2 for unveiling in June at the E3 convention in Los Angeles.

App news surprises as in a bizarre move, Apple has declared that the Opera browser app is only suitable for users over 17 years old. Whilst the reasoning behind this is a little sketchy, We7 has released a new music streaming app for Android that allows users to take their music offline.

There's no escaping Apple's iPad at the moment be it the market dominating first rendition or the eagerly awaited second-generation. We have news on both models today as whilst Carphone Warehouse slash the price of the original iPad ahead of the upcoming launch, iOS 4.3, the OS set to launch with the iPad 2 has seen its personal hotspot for iPhone feature restricted to the Three network in the UK.