News@8pm: iPhone 5 release rumours and Next tab awful

Plus: Limited edition red Wii and Apple TV sells out in US

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Apple is rumoured to already be preparing for the launch of the new design iPhone 5 next year. The new model is expected to have solved all the problems encountered by the iPhone 4, including the disastrous signal loss issues. The Wall Street Journal claims Apple are pushing for an early release of a revamped handset to contend with the growing market of Smartphones. With a "different form factor" being muted concept designs for the iPhone 5 are appearing, none more spectacular than Samuel Lee Kwon's next gen iPhone to feature an LED projector, where the device itself is worn as a wrist strap which then projects the user interface straight onto the owners palm. This really is futuristc stuff.


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Apple seem to be all over the news at the moment, this time it's their TV system that has hit the headlines. The device was launched in the UK yesterday but it looks like it won't be available for long as multiple US stores have already run out of the new product. Apple shouldn't relax at it's success just yet though as competitor Google TV will be hitting the US market on October 12th. The system will be built in to a Sony TV and is said to 'thrive on internet access'. Hopefully it will thrive in the consumer market as well. Logitech have also released a Revue set-top box to support the Google TV platform. The device will be compatible with a number of DVRs and will also feature Google Voice search technologies as well as coming complete with a keyboard. Exciting stuff.

Things aren't looking so good for Next, with their new tablet touchscreen being branded "dreadfully poor" by BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones. The device is reportedly sluggish and highly unresponsive. Maybe Next should just stick to what they know best and carry on selling clothes. It's better news for NIntendo, however, as they reveal a Limited Edition, bright red Wii console. The release is to celebrate the Super Mario 25th Anniversary and is set for launch in Japan on November 11th. Sadly, no UK release date yet though.

Sony is aiming high, touting an incredible 16.4-Megapixel camera sensor for future mobile phones. The new sensor is 7.9-mm thick, which might not be the most appealing idea but it also promises to dramatically cut back on noise in camera phone images. That's all very well as long as you can fit it in your pocket to take out with you! On the complete opposite side of the phone spectrum, Sonim have just released a new rugged mobile which claims to be completely water, dust and drop proof. The XP1300 Core can be dropped in 2 metres of water without any damage and can withstand 2 metre drops onto concrete. The phone also has a 23mm speaker, video and MP3 smarts and a huge 18 hours of talk time. So if you're one of those people who cracks the screen or just generally destroys every phone you have, maybe this is the one for you!