News@8pm: iPhone 5 release date and PSN crashes

Plus Samsung free 3DTV content and iPhone 5 photos

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The French Open, set to begin May 22nd, will be shown through Virgin Media on a live 3D service for the first time as they look to offer a substitute for Sky 3D. Samsung too is tapping into the 3D market by launching an on-demand service to the UK compatible with Samsung TVs through a dedicated app on the Smart TV platform.


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PlayStations' Network crashed just hours after its re-launch today after hacker attacks had put the service offline. Despite its global re-launch Japan has disengaged from the PSN until the nation is convinced that Sony has rectified the chaos completely.

Apple's iPhone 5 will be available in Phones4U on November 21st according to a representative from the retailer adding fuel to the suspected September unveiling. This revelation comes as new photos are leaked showing a 4-inch edge-to-edge screen for the next iPhone.

Nokia has ditched its faltering Ovi branch in favour of a simpler Nokia Apps naming system in the hope of rekindling the Finnish company's future, which remains unpredictable after Microsoft has reportedly declared an interest in purchasing the firm in a multi-billion dollar buy-out.