News@8pm: iPhone 5 dual-core and 3D swimsuit models

Plus: Exclusive Richard Branson interviews and iOS 4.3

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Sexy lady news has slipped in to on more than one occasion today and strictly in the most tech-based of ways of course. First off we saw the scantily-clad ladies of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition who have appearing in a 3D behind-the-scenes video. This was followed by news that the raunchy We Dare game release that was teased with lesbian kissing, bottom-spanking and stripping, has been pulled ahead of its UK launch.


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Apple iOS 4.3 has launched for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users with the latest OS bring with it more than expected. As well as the well publicised list of feature editions iOS 4.3 code has confirmed the iPhone 5 will have the A5 dual-core processor as found in the iPad 2. On the iPad 2 Apple has today released the official iPad 2 video guides to help users find their way through the new tablet's features.

Gaming add-on updates are big business with both PlayStation and Xbox offerings today grabbing headlines. Whilst Microsoft's Xbox Kinect peripheral has been recognised as the biggest, fastest tech release in history, Sony has launched online storage for PlayStation users.

Sir Richard Branson has taken time out to sit down and talk exclusively with T3 about Virgin and all things tech. Having exclusively revealed that Virgin Galactic will begin manned space flights within the next few months, the billionaire entrepreneur announced Apple was his favourite brand and he would love to merge Virgin with Apple and work alongside Steve Jobs. Hear more from Branson in our video below.