News@8PM: iPhone 5 and iPad 3 to land in September?

Plus: Nokia N9 news and Twitter hits milestone

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Production has reportedly begun on Apple's iPhone 5 as it will supposedly match the iPad 3 release date in September. This news comes on the day that Apple's App store has reached a landmark 100,000 native iPad apps, displaying the popularity of the tablets since their release in April of last year. Apple was not the only one to reach a landmark today, as Twitter reportedly now handles more than 200 million tweets every day.


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There has also been an influx of smartphone news today, as details of new phones from Samsung and HTC emerged. The Windows Phone 7 HTC Eternity has leaked online and looks to be entering the top end of the market. Meanwhile photos of the Samsung Galaxy Z have been unveiled, though there is no indication of when the phone may be arriving in the UK. Another phone that may not arrive in the UK is the Nokia N9, as it was discovered that the UK was not listed on the availability section of the N9's website.

Video calling is arriving in force as the upcoming Skype update will bring free video calls to a number of Android 2.0 handsets. It has been confirmed by Sony that the PS Vita will also support video calling along with facial recognition software.

Finally, following yesterdays news surrounding Google+, it appears Google are lining up a design revamp for Google Mail and Calendar. These services will be redesigned with the same ethos as Google+, in an attempt to make the interface less cluttered.