News@8pm: iPhone 4 USB fires and 3G FaceTime

Plus: Adobe going 3D and Google Street View cars return

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It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the day's news in digestible format:

Gaming connoisseurs' worries were put to rest when Microsoft confirmed that Kinect works even when you're snuggling up to your couch. The extent to how much sitting down is envisaged while using Kinect is not clear. Since Microsoft themselves have claimed that Kinect aims to get people off the couch, it doesn't look like there's going to be much couch-time. Sitting down time can be found with the Nintendo DSi whose sales have risen 40 per cent since the £30 price drop.

Like Newton, Apples have been dropping on us today. An iPhone app developer snagged $1400 in just one day through iAds revenue. iPhone users either clicked because of the novelty of iAds or because his app turned the iPhone 4's LED flash into a flash- and strobe-light. Lighting up your face will be the news that the updated Fring app allows iPhone 4 users to make 3G video calls as well. The latest version of the iPod Touch possessing FaceTime is backed up by images of its outer casing with a dedicated slot for a front-facing camera. Sounds like another cool feature in the already ace-product. What's not cool however, is if your iPhone 4's USB catches fire through no fault of your own. To think all he wanted to do was charge his phone...

On the television front, Apple returns with rumours of TV shows being available on Apple TV for $0.99 an episode. This follows the already growing rumours of the Apple TV interface update. Well, they better get some hard facts out soon because Panasonic has launched a cloud-based on-demand TV service for users of its internet connected Viera Cast TVs.

Smarthphone users should know that Google's Android-operating phones are being increasingly used in the US market while its competitors' share have dwindled, even though Blackberries are still top-dog. Watch out RIM, Google is advancing on you! The HTC Mondrian and Mozart are now confirmed to be running on Windows Phone 7 with yet another leak. With all this hype, we can only hope the Windows Phone 7 series phones live up to these expectations.

We end with a few bits and bobs from the techscape. Adobe is working on a 3D version of Flash, thereby adding to its clout. Handy when you want to whack the Jobsians. Yet another e-reader has jumped in (isn't the market full already?): WHSmith's online store has teamed up to provide e-books on the go with the iRiver Wi-Fi Story, which is the newest kid on the e-reader block. Speaking of blocks, Google Street View cars could soon be spotted again on yours as they hit four countries next week. Google's world domination plans continue...