News@8pm: iPhone 4 T3 poll and Google Android DIY apps

Plus new Xbox 360 Slim review and iPod Touch nano teased

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Welcome to your nightly roundup of the days news, reviews and goings on courtesy of

It's been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Californian giant Apple has had a rough week. iPhone 4 is still taking a battering over it's signal problems, but it's definitely not over, read the staggering results of T3's very own opinion poll about the debacle. Unfortunately the news gets gloomier still, Apple has been forced to recall some of it's Time Capsule units after it's been found that some of them have a rather distressing habit of simply turning off mid-task. On a final fruit based note, fear not, the storm clouds have passed; word has spread of Apple's new Ipod Touch having a camera! Whilst only 3.2MP we can pray they'll see sense and actually give us five, oh, and a flash might be handy.

Gaming publisher Blizzard has been roundly scolded by its gaming community after attempting to include a feature in its forums that would require everyone to use their real names. With nearly 50,000 comments on their website Blizzard was swift to reverse their mistake. Vive la revolution! From the gritty world of forums to the light and colourful world of Nintendo, renowned gaming analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that the end of cartridge based gaming is nigh. He believes that with download fast becoming the proven successor, the DSi may well be last Nintendo console to feature the cartridge. If on the other hand you've already moved on from the cartridge, and find yourself wondering where next to spend your hard earned pennies then check out this review of the new XBOX 360 Slim which boasts quieter performance, Wi-Fi and a hideously good looking case.

Smartphones have had a cracking week with some solid releases and even better insider news. Google has come through for all us wannabe app developers by releasing a program that can allow any person to create their own apps for Android. Coming out in a few weeks the Google App Inventor will enable anyone to create an app simply by 'dragging and dropping' boxes of pre-written code. Concerning the HTC camp, a sigh of relief can be uttered after the company revealed it won't be releasing a tablet anytime soon. The company believes that until it has something truly revolutionary to give to us, it's going to bide it's time. And finally Nokia has unveiled a smartphone for those on a slightly slimmer budget. The C3, whilst lacking in 3G makes up for it with a curvy design and typically superb build quality.

Lovers of Laptops beware, your pounds are in danger of being spent as Samsung has impressed hugely with its new Q series. Designed to combine a balance of price, performance and mobility, these rather stylish mobile workhorses pack a solid punch. Check out T3's very own verdict on whether it's Bluetooth 3.0 and LED backlit screen are all worth the asking price.