News@8pm: iPad 2 release date and Sony target Kinect

Plus: Windows Phone 7 updates and AppVent calendar inbound

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Sir Richard Branson made sure his iPad magazine, Project, stole the limelight from Rupert Murdoch's and Steve Jobs' hyped, Daily, when it was launched as an App on iTunes late last night. Costing £1.79 an issue, it will be updated with new content right up to the date of the next edition. Moving swiftly on, the iPad 2 is due to do battle with BlackBerry's PlayBook next Spring as their release dates will reportedly coincide. The source at China's Economic Daily News, also added growing weight to rumours about the integration of FaceTime, a USB port and the much vaunted Retina display. Those who maybe stuck with the very lovely first-gen iPad for a while, include those who take up the offer of a free iPad with Japanese network carrier, Softbank Mobile. The snag, you take up a two-year contract.


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Microsoft's Kinect has been flying off the shelves since its launch earlier this month. So much so, that the Big M has proudly announced sales on 2.5 million, in just 25 days. And according to Don Mattrick, the grand fromage at Xbox, “we are on pace to reach our forecast of five million units sold to consumers this holiday”. None to pleased about Redmond's spanking new toy is Sony, which has been casting aspersions over the techie fence that Kinect is 'mostly technological problems'. Playstation Move engineer Anton Mikhailov went on to say 'it was not up to spec'. Over to you Microsoft.

In the mobile stratosphere, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is rumoured to be having a 'massive' update in the New Year, only three months after its much-heralded launch. Microsoft's engineers have been boasting that “MS took three months to do what Apple did in 3 years”. One piece of hardware not yet out of the traps, is Sony's rumoured Playstation phone. However, in a word of warning, Nick Gibson of Games Investor Ltd said such a product 'could do more harm than good”, continuing that he didn't understand where and how it will fit into the Playstation family.

Here at we love the countdown to Christmas, so to celebrate, we have unveiled an AppVent calendar which boasts over £3,000 worth of the best Android apps and its all for you. Devs are no longer spreading their creative wares around Apple's App store, and are busy making hay in Android's burgeoning Marketplace. Hell, you can even win an HTC Desire HD if you're feeling lucky. What's not to love. One Android App in no need of an introduction is Angry Birds. It's just flown past the 7 million downloads mark. Bravo!