News@8pm: iPad 2 release date and rival HTC tablet

Plus: Windows Phone 7 data problems resolved

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iPad 2 release date: Speculation of the forthcoming iPad 2's features has been rife and now the arrival of the second instalment of Apple's market-leading tablet is imminent, quite possibly February 9th. Already Apply watcher John Gruber has quashed any talk of the iPad 2 having a Retina Desiplay with his sources suggesting the display will remain at 1024x768. However, a dual-camera inclusion for the iPad 2 has been outed thanks to further icon-based evidence, namely iOS 4.3 Beta 2 model.


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Windows Phone 7's phantom data problems were solved after it was revealed a “third party” service was responsible for users being charged for excessive monthly data use. HTC announced that its 7 Pro and Gratia will be released in the UK next month with both the Windows Phone 7 powered handsets available on our shores as early as February.

HTC tablet unveiling: The makers of the Legend and Desire could be the latest company to delve in to the tablet market after rumours of an unveiling of the HTC Flyer at MWC next month ahead of a March release. Danish designer Kristian Ulrich Larsen has flexed his muscles with a jaw-dropping malleable Flip Concept phone that would allow users to transform the tri-purpose phone into a tablet-like device and a palm pilot-style sliding gadget from a smartphone.

Samsung ST series cameras: Samsung have released a new line of budget-friendly cameras with their cheapest, the £89 ST30 'party camera', designed for those candid moments when out on the town. On the other end of the scale there's the range topping £200 ST6500 which will boast 16 megapixals, 720p HD videoing and built in photo editing.