News@8pm: iPad 2 release date and Android 3.0 SDK

Plus: Google to ramp up YouTube live sports streaming

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iPad 2 release date confirmation finally arrived today in the shape of an official invite which popped in the T3 inbox earlier today. It had initially been suggested that the iPad would be delayed until June or would match the release date of the BlackBerry Playbook, but it appears we can put that down to some bad rumour-mongering. You can find out when we will get to see the new iPad and where the event will take place here.

Apple is also in the headlines with talk that iTunes is set to get high quality downloads, while speculation suggests that OS X Lion could receive a major overhaul.


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Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb SDK has been released with the final build allowing developer to get their claws into updated features such as more accurate rendering and previews. Google fans will also make a lot of sports fans very happy with news that the media giant will increase YouTube live sports streaming.

HTC Facebook phones the ChaCha and the Salsa, have been given release dates as information of a launch leaked online. Wondering why one of your Facebook friends has gone notably quiet on the update front lately? If he or she has tired of your updates and unfriended you, a Facebook Android app will tell you exactly which people have culled you from their Facebook family.

Angry Birds in the headlines? Well we shouldn't be surprised these days, but it seems the colossal mobile gaming hit is set to hit Android in March in paid-for form, minus those pesky ads.

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We talked about Facebook phones for months and finally we got a look at the first batch. Check out our hands-on video with the HTC ChaCha Facebook smartphone below.

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