News@8pm: iPad 2 recalls and Battlefield 3 DLC

Plus: Facebook hits back at claims of decline

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EA has announced it is to launch Battlefield 3 witha DLC 'Physical Warfare' packthat will onlybe available to consumerswho pre-order the releasefrom physical high street retail outlets such as GAME and gamestation.

Those hoping for the new Macbook Air to be released tomorrow are to be disappointed, new reports suggest with the end of the month now appearing a more likely.Taiwan's Economic Daily has quoted industry sources as saying the first shipment, packing the new Air with Sandy Bridge processors and super-fast thunderbolt connection is expected in late June. Together with the current model, 460,000 models are expected to ship this month.

Airbus offered an insight into flying circa 2015 today unveiling concept plans for the aircraft of the future.The concept cabin offers unrivalled panoramic views and the walls change colour as you fly. Thereis also holographic pop-up gaming displays. Oh and the in-flight entertainment system? Powered by passenger body heat.

One of the biggest tech court cases between Apple and Nokia has finally been agreed.Apple is to license tech from Nokia, paying a one off fee as well as ongoing royalties.

Facebook has hit back at claims of its decline, insisting that an estimate of the reach of Facebook advertisements is not an accurate indication of its overall growth rate and that they are “very pleased with growth.”

Could the Wii U graphics be better than the Xbox 360?Although there is no official Nintendo information, Ubisoft has insisted thatthe “large memory capacity” will make this super-powerful.

Finally, if the iPad is not the exclusive device you hoped. Camael Diamonds has released an 18 carat gold model that boasts an impressive 300 carats of diamonds worth a hefty $1.2 million.