News@8pm: iPad 2 camera confirmed and Desire S dated

Plus: LG Optimus 3D pre-order and Google Music inbound

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Apple's iPad 2 was expected to have been unveiled by now but as the tension grows the leaks continue with a spotted screen protector for the upcoming tablet confirming the inclusion of a front-facing camera. Following on from this a patent filled by Apple showed future plans to do away with all physical buttons on the company's future tablet devices instead opting for a smart bezel interface.


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Motorola's iPad challenger, the upcoming Xoom tablet, has made headlines today as UK retailers confirm they will stock the device. Heading for a Q2 UK release the Xoom tablet will hit Carphone Warhouse and Best Buy. Adding to the Xoom's column inches and Motorola has made the device's full manual available for download online outing all of its intricate details, specs and Android Honeycomb credentials.

Upcoming Google releases have been talk of tech town today with increased social integration and a new digital music download service proving tantalising prospected to users of the web's biggest website and the ever increasing fleet of Android mobile operating system powered smartphone handsets.

Following MWC unveilings two of the shows biggest handsets have gone on pre-order in the UK with April release dates and prices. Set to touch down in the UK on April 25th priced £515, LG's Optimus 3D will bring glasses-free 3D technology to the smartphone market. Landing a week earlier the HTC Desire S, follow-up to the hugely popular Desire, will arrive priced a more reasonable £420, albeit without the extra-dimension tech.

LG Optimus 3D hands-on video verdict

Via: LG Optimus 3D video | Source: T3 Tech Videos