News@8pm: HTC Sensation release and PS3 hack case

Plus: HTC Sense update and Move outselling Kinect 2-1

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HTC Sensation lands. After numerous leaks and snapped spyshots the former Pyramid, now HTC Sensation has hit the Vodafone online store and that was this morning, before the phone officially landed. Later this afternoon, however and the HTC Sensation is officially announced, sporting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and a May release date.


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Keeping with HTC and the Taiwanese phone manufacturer has announced a revamped version of the HTC Sense UI to launch alongside the Sensation. Building on the Android foundation the Sense UI has added 3D widgets and 360-degree menu carousels. Another new addition of the Sensation is HTC Watch a video streaming service for the leading smartphones.

Onto gaming news and it has emerged that the PlayStation Move is outselling the Kinect by a ratio of two-to-one. Albeit not in the UK but in Japan, a nation known for its gaming loves, although a love that tends to drit towards Ninty. Sticking with gaming a the PS3 hacking case has been settled as Sony triumphs against its wiley hacking foe.