News@8pm: HTC EVO sales and Gran Turismo 5 for PS4

Plus: Gran Turismo 5, Windows Mobile 7 and combat planes

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Its been another busy day for the tech world - here's the best of the days news in digestible format:

Smartphone users will have a lot to talk about after a busy day in the world of the mobile workhorses. Sales of the HTC Evo have topped 300,000 despite the company having stock issues. The world's first 4G phone has seen incredible success in America where customers are beginning to look for alternatives to the iPhone. Microsoft CEO and head honcho Steve Ballmer has admitted that Windows Mobile has 'missed a generation', however he plans on making up for this with the soon to be released Windows Phone 7. We're all rooting for you Steve. Moving onto Apple, watchdog Consumer Reports has said that due to the signal problems it 'cannot recommend' the iPhone 4, weighing more pressure on Apple to make an executive decision about the issue.

Gamers are in for a treat with some fantastic new releases being lined up and plenty to shout about with each of them. The setlist for the new Guitar Hero game 'Warriors of Rock' has been released featuring 90 completely new tracks. If your tastes are more car based, Gran Turismo 5 boss Kaz Yamauchi has said that the latest instalment goes 'beyond the level of the current Playstation' hinting that it may in fact be aimed at a Playstation 4. Finally, confirmed reports that PES 2011 will feature a Stadium Editor and 'Legend Mode' will allow gamers to nurture players from being a nothing to a superstar.

Tech lovers of all varieties prepare, British company BAE Systems has unveiled 'Taranis', a concept unmanned combat plane. Designed to do much more than simply watch the ground, this stealthy wonder will be able to take on targets both on the ground and in the air, and cost £142 million to make it test worthy. Focusing our attention on the next visual innovation, British charity The Eyecare Trust has said that between 10 to 12 percent of the country would not be able to watch 3D without experiencing problems. That equates to around 6 million Brits, which is hardly good news for the companies hoping to flood the market with this technology.

In software news there has been something of a revelation from the Windows camp. Via a post on one of the Windows blogs Microsoft has extended the downgrade rights on Windows 7, allowing users to revert back to XP past the Windows 7 SP1 release date. Whilst this may seem confusing Microsoft is keen to point out it's to allow 'continuity', ok, if you say so.