News@8pm: Gran Turismo 5 update and PSP Phone dated

Plus: Motorola tablet teased and Google Nexus S delayed

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Sony Ericsson launches haven't been the biggest crowd draws or excitement starters in recent years but that could all be set to change as news hits of two upcoming SE arrivals that will get tech lovers in a twist. First off is the Sony Ericsson 16-megapixel camera phone that has leaked via FCC images with a massive snapper inbuilt. Following on from this and the PSP Phone or Sony Ericsson Z1 is back with news of a April launch to follow a February Mobile World Congress unveiling. Fingers crossed these reports produce the real deal.


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Gaming updates land on a daily basis but today saw enhancements to two of the moments' biggest games as GT5 and Angry Birds for iPad both get a little something extra. Whilst the Angry Birds iPad Edition has added 15 new levels, Gran Turismo 5 has been on the receiving end of a massive 608MB update with new online gaming modes, rewards systems and online dealerships being added to the already giant game release.

Google's Android OS continues to take chunks out of every other facet of the mobile market but has suffered a day of mixed fortunes today. Whilst it was revealed that the HTC Wildfire is to finally be on the receiving end of an Android 2.2, FroYo, update, the launch of the first Android 2.3, Gingerbread, device, the Samsung made Google Nexus S, has been put back until, well, tomorrow, December 22nd.

CES 2011 tablets are already beginning to raise their heads despite the Consumer Electronics Show not kicking off until early next month. One such tablet to be teased early is the already demoed Motorola tablet. Used by Google's Andy Rubin to demo Android Honeycomb earlier this month, the Motorola tablet has been teased in a future of tablets video that, in a variety for the tech industry, is quite funny. Elsewhere on the CES tablet front and NEC is believed to be prepping an Android powered dual-screen tablet to launch in Las Vegas.